Department Faculty or School Previous Names URL Publications
Applied Communication, Leadership and Culture Faculty of Arts
Applied Human Sciences Faculty of Science Family and Nutritional Sciences, Home Economics
Biology Faculty of Science
Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Anatomy and Physiology
Business Faculty of Business
Chemistry Faculty of Science
Classics Faculty of Arts
Climate Change and Adaptation School of Climate Change and Adaptation Applied Climate Change and Adaptation
Companion Animals Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Diagnostic Services Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Diversity and Social Justice Studies Faculty of Arts Women's Studies
Economics Faculty of Arts
Education Faculty of Education
English Faculty of Arts
Environmental Studies Faculty of Science
Fine Arts Faculty of Arts
Graduate Studies Faculty of Graduate Studies
Health Management Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
History and Classics Faculty of Arts History
Indigenous Knowledge, Education, Research, and Applied Studies Faculty of Indigenous Knowledge, Education, Research, and Applied Studies
Institute of Island Studies Faculty of Arts Island Studies
Mathematical and Computational Sciences School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science
Modern Languages Faculty of Arts
Music Faculty of Arts
Nursing Faculty of Nursing
Paramedicine Faculty of Science
Pathology and Microbiology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Philosophy Faculty of Arts
Physics Faculty of Science
Political Science Faculty of Arts Political Studies
Psychology Faculty of Arts
Religious Studies Faculty of Arts
Robertson Library Robertson Library
Sociology and Anthropology Faculty of Arts
Sustainable Design Engineering Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering Engineering