Fabrication of FITC-doped silica nanoparticles and study of their cellular uptake in the presence of lectinsmarahmed
Peptides, polypeptides and peptide–polymer hybrids as nucleic acid carriersmarahmed
Calcium mediated formation of phosphorylcholine-based polyplexes for efficient knockdown of epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR) in HeLa cellsmarahmed
Impact of the nature and size of the polymeric backbone on the ability of heterobifunctional ligands to mediate shiga toxin and serum amyloid P component ternary complex formationmarahmed
Synthetic polymer bioconjugate systemsmarahmed
Physico-chemical and biochemical properties of bioconjugatesmarahmed
Synthesis of cationic magnetic nanoparticles and evaluation of their gene delivery efficacy in Hep G2 cellsmarahmed
Blood components interactions to ionic and nonionic glyconanogelsmarahmed
Well-defined cationic polymers for nucleic acid deliverymarahmed
Cationic glyco-nanogels for epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) specific siRNA delivery in ovarian cancer cellsmarahmed
Glycopolymer bioconjugatesmarahmed
Biochemical assays used for in vitro and in vivo gene therapymarahmed
Carbohydrate-based materials for targeted delivery of drugs and genes to the livermarahmed
The effect of molecular weight, compositions and lectin type on the properties of hyperbranched glycopolymers as non-viral gene delivery systemsmarahmed
Applications of bioconjugatesmarahmed
Impact of the nature, size and chain topologies of carbohydrate–phosphorylcholine polymeric gene delivery systemsmarahmed
Recent advances in the preparation of glycopolymer bioconjugatesmarahmed
Cationic glycopolymersmarahmed
Biodegradable and nontoxic nanogels as nonviral gene delivery systemsmarahmed
Hyperbranched glycopolymers for blood biocompatibilitymarahmed
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