“η6-Diethyl phenylmalonate-η5-cyclopentadienyliron Hexafluorophosphateabdelaziz
The synthesis of new Di(ironcyclopentadienyl) complexes of aromatic ethersabdelaziz
Metal-containing polymersabdelaziz
Metal-containing polymersabdelaziz
Design, synthesis, and docking studies of 4H-chromene and chromene based azo chromophores: A novel series of potent antimicrobial and anticancer agentsabdelaziz
Synthesis and structural characterization of dimethyltin(IV) complexes based on functionalized pyridyl ligandsabdelaziz
A nonisothermal study of organoiron poly(alkynyl methacrylate) coordinated to dicobalt hexacarbonyl using advanced kinetics modellingabdelaziz
Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of thiophenes with pendant fluorescent terpyridineabdelaziz
Design of coordination polymers with 4′-substituted functionalized terpyridyls in the backbone and pendent cyclopentadienyliron moietiesabdelaziz
Macromolecules incorporating transition metals: Tackling global challengesabdelaziz
Fe3O4–β-cyclodextrin–chitosan bionanocomposite for arsenic removal from aqueous solutionabdelaziz
Recent developments in metal-containing complexes with Azo Chromophore functionalitiesabdelaziz
Antimicrobial organometallic dendrimers with tunable activity against multidrug-resistant bacteria abdelaziz
Synthesis, electrochemistry and fluorescence behavior of thiophene derivatives decorated with coumarin, pyrene and naphthalene moietiesabdelaziz
A mixed-methods approach to understanding the impact of a first-year peer mentor programabdelaziz
Design and spectroscopic characterization of novel series of near infrared indocyanine dyesabdelaziz
Design of thermochromic polynorbornene bearing spiropyran chromophore moieties: Synthesis, thermal behavior and dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatmentabdelaziz
Electrochemical studies of η5-cyclopentadienyliron hexafluorophosphates of η6-substituted arenes and η6-heterocyclesabdelaziz
Emerging opportunities in the biomedical applications of dendrimersabdelaziz
Post-modification of organoiron poly(alkynyl methacrylate)s with dicobalt hexacarbonylabdelaziz
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