Assistant Professor

BA (York); MA (Guelph); PhD (McMaster)

Dr. Charles Adeyanju has employed qualitative research methods to study a range of social issues that include: media representation of race; racism; transnational practices of Nigerians in Canada; and taser use by the Canadian police. He is currently adopting the phenomenological approach in sociology to study how Nigerian immigrants in Canada influence their peers and social groups in Nigeria to migrate.

Recent Publications

‘They should have just taken a gun and shot my son’

Social Identities, 2012

Colonialism and contemporary African migration

Journal of Black Studies, 2011

"Don’t tase me, bro"

The Journal of Social Criminology, 2010

"Not in Canada: The Non-Ebola Panic and Media Misrepresentation of the Black Community"

African Journal of Criminology & Justice Studies, 2010

Deadly fever

, 2010

Research Classification

  • No classification given

Research Interests

  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Transnational Migration
  • Media and Society
  • Media representations of race and ethnicity
  • Social inequality
  • Work and society
  • Canadian society
  • Minority/ethnic groups and multiculturalism.
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