Local and regional anesthesiallamont
Effects of 2 different infusion rates of medetomidine on sedation score, cardiopulmonary parameters, and serum levels of medetomidine in healthy dogs.llamont
Effects of 2 different medetomidine infusion rates on selected neurohormonal and metabolic parameters in dogsllamont
Endotracheal intubationllamont
The effects of medetomidine on radial nerve blockade with mepivacaine in dogsllamont
Brainstem auditory evoked responses and ophthalmic findings in llamas and alpacas in Eastern Canadallamont
Pain management for the small animal practitionerllamont
Adjunctive analgesic therapyllamont
Physiology of painllamont
Multimodal pain management in veterinary medicinellamont
Hemodynamic effects of an intravenous infusion of medetomidine at six different dose regimens in isoflurane-anesthetized dogsllamont
Physiologic VDD versus nonphysiologic VVI pacing in canine 3rd-degree atrioventricular blockllamont
Setting up a pain management programme. The Ayrshire experiencellamont
Pain management for the small animal practitionerllamont
Essentials of small animal anesthesia and analgesia.llamont
Feline perioperative pain managementllamont
Relationship of feline bispectral index to multiples of isoflurane minimum alveolar concentrationllamont
Identification of Haemobartonella felis (Mycoplasma haemofelis) in captive nondomestic catsllamont
Adjunctive analgesic therapy in veterinary medicinellamont
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