New dietetic practitioners' perspectives on their education and trainingmaclellan
Dietetic students'identity and professional socialization in preparation for practicemaclellan
On beginning to become dietitiansmaclellan
An evidence-based approach to developing the collaborative, client-centred nutrition education (3cne) framework and practice pointsmaclellan
Developing school nutrition policiesmaclellan
Implementing school nutrition policy maclellan
Dietetic students' understanding of what becoming a dietitian meansmaclellan
Team based approach to qualitative inquirymaclellan
Food intake and academic performance among adolescentsmaclellan
Stakeholder evaluation of a high-risk prenatal nutrition intervention program in Prince Edward Islandmaclellan
Professional socialization in dieteticsmaclellan
[Review of the book Health risks of weight loss, by Frances M. Berg]maclellan
[Review of the book Human relations interpersonal, job oriented skills, by Andrew J. DuBrin]maclellan
Toward evidence-based, client-centred nutrition education guidelinesmaclellan
The search for the meaning of 'Client-centred' practicemaclellan
Client-centred nutrition counsellingmaclellan
Widespread micronutrient inadequacies among adults in Prince Edward Islandmaclellan
Screening for nutritional risk among community-dwelling elderly on Prince Edward Island.maclellan
Measured weights in PEI adults reveal higher than expected obesity ratesmaclellan
Contribution of home-delivered meals to the dietary intake of the elderlymaclellan
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