Coordinator, Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre

BSc, Bishop's University; DVM, University of Guelph

Dr. Alice Crook is the Coordinator of the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre and oversees its day-to-day operation. She also serves on a nine-member Management Committee which guides the development of the Centre, and administers the annual competition in which research and service proposals are submitted for funding.

Recent Publications

Welfare-friendly feline veterinary practice

Feline Behaviour Conference, Charlottetown, September 22-23, 2017, 2017

Maltraitance animale: Une intervention vétérinaire efficace

Le Veterinarius, 2017

Animal welfare and the harp seal hunt in Atlantic Canada

Canadian Veterinary Journal = Revue Veterinaire Canadienne, 2002

The veterinarian's role in farm animal welfare

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 1994

Research Classification

  • no classification

Research Interests

  • Animal abuse
  • Effective veterinary response
  • Pain management in small and large animals
  • Animal cruelty legislation
  • Companion animal welfare issues
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