Associate Professor

RN (PEI); BN (UNB); MN (Dalhousie); PhD (Calgary)

Dr. Barbara Campbell, Director of the UPEI International Relations Office, is an Associate Professor with the UPEI School of Nursing and an Adjunct Professor with UNB. Barb has co-authored 15 peer reviewed publications, 1 book and 34 presentations, is a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of PEI, a volunteer with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of PEI and a Senator on the UPEI Board of Governors.

Recent Publications

The use of technology in Prince Edward Island (Canada) high schools

Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 2015

Benefits and challenges of technology in high schools: A voice from educational leaders with a Freire echo

Interchange, 2015

An Indigenous epistemological approach to promote health through effective knowledge translation

Journal of Indigenous Research, 2015

Mental health and poverty in young lives

Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 2014

Technology in Prince Edward Island high schools

British Educational Leadership, Management & Administration Society (BELMAS) Conference Abstracts, 2013, July 12-14, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013

Research Classification

  • No classification given

Research Interests

  • Rural health
  • Children's health
  • Family literacy
  • Participatory action research
  • Knowledge translation
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