BA; BSc; BEd; MEd; PhD

Carla DiGiorgio specializes in research on inclusive education. This has included the study of inclusive experiences of students, parents and staff in Francophone schools; adults with learning disabilities in post-secondary education and their instructors' attitudes and practices; the International Baccalaureate program and its effects on secondary education for gifted students; and beliefs of preservice teachers regarding inclusion. She has received funding from the International Baccalaureate Organization, the Literacy Research Network of PEI, and UPEI. She has published in the International Journal of Inclusive Education, the International Journal for Research and Method in Education, the Journal of School Choice, and has forthcoming work to be published in the International Journal of Leadership in Education and Sage's Handbook of Case Study Research. She has also presented at CSSE, AERA and other international conferences. Dr. DiGiorgio maintains research relationships with colleagues in Italy, Australia and England. She teaches in Bachelor of Education and Certificate in Inclusive Education programs at UPEI and has recently helped develop a Master of Education in Leadership and Learning- Focus on Inclusive Education, which will allow educators to apply theory and research to their inclusive practice. The development of collaborative research relationships with community and educational partners has provided the opportunity to expand knowledge and connect ideas to practices.

Recent Publications

Symbolic violence

The encyclopedia of case study research, 2010


The encyclopedia of case study research, 2010

How do the faculty/university/academic levels of "peer" review relate to merit and acceptance through the tenure and promotion process?

Journal of Educational Thought, 2009

Access to inclusion and community through culture

Proceedings of the Redesigning Pedagogy Conference, 2008

Report on students with learning disabilities in postsecondary study

, 2008

Research Classification

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Research Interests

  • Inclusive education
  • Learning disabilities
  • Developmental literacy
  • Francophone education
  • Cultural studies
  • Leadership
  • Inclusive practices/learning in preservice/inservice teachers
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