Dave Cormier is an educational activist, researcher, online community advocate and was the Project Lead for Student Relations Management at the University of Prince Edward Island. He has published on open education, Rhizomatic Learning, MOOCs (Massive/Open Online Courses), and the impact of technology on the future of high education.

As the former Manager of Domestic Recruitment, First-Year advising and first-year success and Project Lead for Student Relations his role was to survey the relationship between the university and the student and improve it where possible. In addition to managing the recruitment and First-year advisement office he was involved in a number of projects including learning analytics and those designed to help students transition from high school to university.

His educational journey started in 1998 teaching little children to speak English. The pivotal moment of his career happened when he was teaching at Hannam University in South Korea in 2003 surrounded by the papers of 275 writing students and wondering if he had them all. That winter he started using discussion forums to bring all of his students together in a writing community (and to digitally keep track of their work) and he hasn’t looked back. He’s since helped organize online communities of teachers, spoken at events around the world and worked to understand how internet changes what it means to know. His educational exploration partners have included faculty and researchers from well-known universities, and lone teachers in small town classrooms. Some of them are even still talking to him.

Dave’s keynotes in the last couple of years have centred around how coming to know is a messy, imprecise process at once intensely individual and necessarily embedded in a community - Rhizomatic Learning. You can follow him on twitter at or follow his thoughts at

Recent Publications

Community tracking in a cMOOC and nomadic learner behavior identification on a connectivist rhizomatic learning network

Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE, 2016

Rhizo14–The MOOC that community built

Dave's Educational Blog, 2014-09-01

Proposal for a conceptual framework for educators to describe and design MOOCs

Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2014

Rhizomatic learning-why we teach

Dave’s Educational Blog: Education, Post-Structuralism and the Rise of the Machines, 2011-11-01

MOOCs as ecologies–Or–Why I work on MOOCs

Dave’s Educational Blog: Education, Post-Structuralism and the Rise of the Machines, 2011-06-01

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Research Interests

  • rhizomatic learning
  • open education
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