Adjunct Professor

BA, MA (St. Mary’s); LLB (Dalhousie); LLM (Toronto)

David Bulger holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Masters degrees from St. Mary's University, a Bachelor of Laws from Dalhousie University and a Master of Laws from the University of Toronto. He also pursued graduate studies in Theatre the University of British Columbia. David started teaching in 1967 as a lecturer in Philosophy at what was then St. Dunstan's University, now the University of Prince Edward Island. In the intervening years, he has taught philosophy, theatre arts, humanities and and law at the Sault College, Vanier College and Centennial College. David returned to the University of Prince Edward Island in 1982. Mr Bulger has also worked as a professional actor and director in Ottawa, Halifax, Fredericton and Toronto.

Recent Publications

Prince Edward Island

Foundations of governance, 2009

Prince Edward Island and the Canadian Constitution

Institute of Island Studies, 1997

Research Classification

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