BA, MA (Dalhousie); MA (UNB); PhD (Western)

Prior to coming to UPEI as Dean of Arts in 2011, Dr. Desserud was an associate dean of Graduate Studies at UNBSJ. He is currently a professor in UPEI's department of Political Science.

Originally from Bathurst, New Brunswick, Dr. Desserud has a BA and MA from Dalhousie University, and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. He also has an MA in English and Creative Writing from UNB. His research interests include parliaments and legislative assemblies. He frequently comments on political issues on local and national media.

Recent Publications

‘He shall be resident in the Province’: The Senate residency requirement and the Canadian constitution

Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, 2017

Is it still simple, secure and reasonably quick

Informed citizens' guide to elections, 2016

The 2015 provincial election in Prince Edward Island

Canadian Political Science Review, 2016

The political economy of New Brunswick

Transforming provincial politics: The political economy of Canada’s provinces and territories in the Neoliberal Era, 2015

The New Brunswick general election of September 22, 2014

The informed citizens' guide to elections: Electioneering based on the rule of law / Le guide du citoyen averti aux élections: Faire campagne selon la règle de droit, 2015

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