Environmental Liaison

BSc (Mount Allison); MSc (Laval)

Wildlife biologist, researcher, and teacher Daryl Guignion has spent a lifetime working with educators, policy-makers, and community organizations to encourage more respect and protection for the natural environment.

Believing that one of the best ways to increase awareness and encourage change is through education, Guignion has made literally hundreds of presentations to school and community groups about major threats to fragile ecosystems.

As an associate professor in the UPEI Biology department, he inspired his students to view their environment through a sensitive lens that strengthens their understanding of how they are affected by the natural world, and how they are totally dependent on it.

"I've taken my classes out to the exposed side of the sandhills on western PEI and asked them to lie on the sand, shut their eyes, and listen for five minutes to the roar of the ocean, the cries of the sandpipers and gulls, and the sound of the wind through the marram grass. It's like if you sit in a canoe in a freshwater marsh before dawn and listen to the marsh waking up—you experience your environment with all your senses and you never forget it."

Research Classification

  • no classification

Research Interests

  • Salmonid populations, impoundments and fresh-water sport fish
  • Brush fires
  • Applied biology/environment (PE)
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