Sessional Instructor

Ellyn has extensive experience in both business and education. She understands continuous learning as the key to remaining competitive. Collaborative in her approach, she helps students and organizations determine opportunities for growth in the areas organizational behaviour, organizational learning, leadership for social justice, and intercultural and critical management. Prior to teaching in university, Ellyn worked in senior management in global business where her portfolios consistently included organizational behaviour, organizational learning, and organizational development. Solution-focused, creative, and results-driven, she participates in several professional affiliations and is a senior advisor of national policy. A Maritimer by birth and choice, Ellyn has deep roots in the region and, as such, is deeply committed to promoting growth and advancement of all things local.

Recent Publications

From methods to methodology

Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 2013

Bridging theory & practice

Backalong Books, 2013

Research Classification

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