BSc (Montréal); LLB (King’s London); LLM (Cambridge); MPhil (Cambridge); MEd (Birmingham); Ph.D. (La Trobe)

Frederic was an Assistant Professor (Fixed Term) within the Faculty of Education. He has sat on the Graduate Studies Committee since September 2016; he has chaired the Global Pathways Committee through 2016/17.

Frederic is an academic, researcher, consultant and UDL & Inclusion specialist. Over the period of his doctorate, Frederic held the position of Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities at McGill. During close to four years he was responsible for triggering and sustaining, from that office, a campus-wide move towards UDL implementation. His PhD itself focuses on students in K-12 who feel marginalized and alienated by their school experience. Within this research dimension too he has a keen interest in UDL’s potential for inclusion. Frederic provides UDL consultancy in both the K-12 and post-secondary fields. He was instigator, and program chair, of the two first Pan-Canadian conferences on UDL (Montreal in May 2015 and UPEI in June 2017).

Frederic has a background in law and education and it is undoubtedly this dual perspective that has attracted him to the issue of inclusion. He holds an LLB from King’s London, as well as an LLM and an MPhil (Criminology) from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. He practised as a solicitor in London before focusing his career on differentiated education, inclusion and access. He holds a MEd in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties from Birmingham University and a PhD candidate in Inclusive Education from La Trobe University. Frederic also holds a Minor in Indigenous Studies from Université Laval.

Frederic is part of the Editorial Board of Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties (UK)

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