Assistant Professor

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (UNRC, Argentina); MEd, PhD (UPEI)

I am a professor of early years pedagogies and co-coordinator of the Faculty of Education Early Literacy and Numeracy Outreach Project (LNOP). My current research focuses on play pedagogies in formal and informal education settings. With more of 30 years working on early years education, I am interested in exploring how play supports the development of 21st century skills.

Recent Publications

In-between spaces of policy and practice

Journal of Childhood, Education & Society, 2021

Health, wellbeing, and welfare in childhood education in Canada

Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies, 2019

Code-switching explorations in teaching early number sense

Education Sciences, 2018

Young children representing numbers

Journal of Childhood Studies, 2015

The art of questioning

Teaching Innovation Projects, 2013

Research Classification

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