Former Professor

BBA (UPEI); MBA (McGill); PhD (Lancaster)

Recent Publications

Is there a Glass Cliff Or a Solid Ledge for Female Appointees to the Board of Directors?

Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications & Conflict, 2014

Segmenting and profiling the cultural tourism market for an Island destination

International Journal of Management & Marketing Research (IJMMR), 2014

Segmenting the market of first-time visitors to an island destination

International Journal of Culture, Tourism & Hospitality Research, 2012

The effects of advertising awareness and media channels on travel intentions

Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, 2010

Typology of cultural tourists

Culture and the Construction of Islandness, 2008

Research Classification

  • No classification given

Research Interests

  • Issues in corporate governance
  • Investment trading strategies based on technical analysis
  • Impact of corporate earnings on security returns
  • Theory and practice of financial planning issues for the individual
  • Case writing
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