Irene Gammel is Professor of English and holds the Canada Research Chair in Modern Literature and Culture at Ryerson University, Toronto. She is also the director of the Modern Culture Multi-Media Centre, which is dedicated to the preservation and study of early twentieth-century modern texts and artifacts. She is the author and editor of eight books, including the internationally-acclaimed Baroness Elsa: Gender, Dada and Everyday Modernity: A Cultural Biography (2002). Irene Gammel is well-known for her scholarship on gender and modernism. Her research has helped uncover the earliest roots of modern and feminist performance art, contributed to the consolidation of L.M. Montgomery Studies as an academic field, and claimed women’s confessional discourses as a sub-discipline of autobiographical studies.

Irene Gammel has served as president of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association, editorial board member of Canadian Literature, co-chair of the L. M. Montgomery Institute, vice-president of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association, and director of Women’s Studies at UPEI. She has also served as a visiting scholar at the Centre for Comparative Literature and Department of English at the University of Toronto (Spring 2004), as well as visiting professor at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena and Erfurt Universität in Germany (Spring 2001).

Recent Publications

L. M. Montgomery and Canadian culture

University of Toronto Press, 1999

Dragged at Anne's chariot wheels

Literary Review of Canada, 1999

L.M. Montgomery and Canadian culture

, 1999

Research Classification

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Research Interests

  • Early female avant-garde performance and body art, in particular the work of the Dada artist Baroness Elsa
  • Fashion and body image in the writings of Canadian icon L.M. Montgomery
  • Modernist biographies and autobiographies
  • Women’s everyday cultures of the modern era
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