Professor Emeritus

BA, MA (York); PhD (University of Washington)

Dr. James Randall is an economic and social geographer. In the past 15 years, Dr. Randall has secured more than US$2.25 million in competitive grants and contracts. He has extensive experience as an academic administrator at three universities, including as a Dean, Vice-President Academic and Provost. He is also a pioneer in community-university scholarship, has assembled and led large multidisciplinary teams of researchers and practitioners from communities and universities, organized major international conferences and has coordinated field courses on sustainability issues in Africa and Mexico. Profile credit to

Recent Publications

Resilience and sustainability

Routledge international handbook of island studies, 2018

[Review of the book Islandology: Geography, rhetoric, politics, by Marc Shell]

Island Studies Journal, 2015

Biosciences and BioVectra on Prince Edward Island, Canada

Entrepreneurship in small island states and territories, 2015

Immigrants' perceptions of quality of life in three second- or third-tier Canadian cities

Canadian Geographer = Geographe Canadien, 2015

Quality of life of immigrants: Integration experiences among Asian immigrants in Saskatoon

Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Learning, 2015

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