Associate Professor

BASc, MASc (Toronto); PhD (Imperial College London)

Dr. Bloemink is a former member of the software technologies team in Powertech Labs, Inc., a subsidiary of BC Hydro, where he was involved with training, consulting, modelling, and bespoke software development for electrical utilities, academics and consulting firms worldwide. He brought this experience to his role as a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), where he coordinated student capstone projects, aided with program accreditation with Engineers Canada, served as the chair of the curriculum committee, developed and delivered multiple newly offered courses, and served as a program champion for the development of a new graduate program at BCIT. A highlight of his contributions at BCIT was his lead role in the development of a state-of-the-art "smart grid" laboratory for research and teaching, which provides access to equipment and scenarios seen (or to be seen) in modern power distribution systems, such as: islanded microgrids, distributed renewable generation, and new information and communications technologies. After nearly six years as a faculty member with BCIT, Dr. Bloemink has joined the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) where he now focuses on research and teaching in the area of sustainable energy technology as part of their Sustainable Design Engineering program.

Dr. Bloemink is a registered professional engineer, and has been involved in several areas of professional service in the engineering community, including a role as chair of Vancouver’s Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Industry Application Society, serving as a counselor for BCIT’s IEEE Student Branch, and as a key member of the organizing committee for multiple conferences and events.

Dr. Bloemink has published several works involving the integration of power electronics in power distribution systems and their role as a key enabling technology in the accommodation of distributed renewable generation and establishment of small-scale power systems (microgrids). He continues to engage in research and consulting activity for industrial clients and is open to collaboration in this area.

Recent Publications

Bangladesh’s energy crisis

2018 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC), 2018

Enhanced fireworks algorithm to optimize extended Kalman filter speed estimation of an induction motor drive system

2018 IEEE 9th Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON), 2018

BCIT integrated grid laboratory planning framework

2018 IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica, 2018

Required VSC efficiency for zero net-loss distribution network active compensation

2016 IEEE 7th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems (PEDG), 2016

Benefits of distribution-level power electronics for supporting distributed generation growth

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 2013

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