Adjunct Professor of Education

BEd (Regina); MEd, PhD (Saskatchewan)

Dr. Preston received her PhD in the Department of Educational Administration, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon). Her PhD research targeted issues pertaining to school governance through school councils, a study with a particular focus on community involvement in school. Also in the area of leadership, Dr. Preston has collaboratively conducted a number school reviews based in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Dr. Preston’s master’s research explored the dynamics of rural and urban teaching experiences. This work is documented in her 2009 book entitled, Rural and Urban Teaching Experiences: Crossing Borders. (See Dr. Preston’s CV for book chapter and article publications.)

Dr. Preston’s outlook on education is largely influenced by her Canadian and international teaching experiences while living in Kuwait, Egypt, Taiwan, and Alberta (Canada). Although Dr. Preston grew up in Saskatchewan (Canada) and received all of her formal education within Saskatchewan, she was an overseas classroom teacher and curriculum coordinator for 10 years.

On a personal note, Dr. Preston enjoys baking, gardening, country and pop music, talking with people, and spending time with her husband and young son. Having been raised on a dairy and grain farm, Dr. Preston has a reverence for the land and all the richness it provides.

Recent Publications

Analyzing assessment practices for Indigenous students

Frontiers in Education, 2021

Indigenous and Western wordviews

Knowing the Past, Facing the Future, 2019

The flipped classroom

In Education, 2018

Kindergarten teachers’ notions of parent involvement and perceived challenges

McGill Journal of Education, 2018

Principal leadership for Indigenous student success in Canada

International Studies in Educational Administration, 2018

Research Classification

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