Retired Professor; Canada Research Chair in Young Lives in Global and Local Contexts

BA (Wilfrid Laurier); BEd (Nipissing); MA (Laurentian); PhD (Toronto)

Dr. Kate Tilleczek has been studying the social and cultural contexts of children and youth for twenty years. Kate is interested in the intersections of communities, families, schools, mass media, and health care settings as they support or negate the well-being of modern young people. She studies the ways in which modern societies can marginalize their young and how such process are socially organized in culturally nested systems. Kate is also interested in describing how young people actively negotiate their pathways into adulthood. Using new approaches to child and youth research which are both developmentally-attuned and embedded in the arts, Kate attempts to provide nuanced examinations of the daily lives and struggles of the youngest members of modern society.

Recent Publications

Youth journeys in mental health: Invoking unique patient perspectives

Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 2017

Voices from the margins

Education Canada, 2016

The Republic and Apology as source texts for Rebel Without a Cause

International Political Anthropology, 2015

Research goes to the cinema: The veracity of videography with, for and by youth

Research in Comparative and International Education, 2015

Narratives of youth literacy

The Canadian Journal for Teacher Research, 2014

Research Classification

  • No classification given

Research Interests

  • Youth studies (Sociology of youth, youth cultures)
  • Childhood studies (Sociology of children, childhood cultures)
  • Sociology of education (critiques of public education)
  • Intersections of poverty, social class, mental health, culture, identities and education
  • Marginalization and engagement of youth
  • Transitions of children and youth
  • Qualitative methods
  • Social theory
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