Professor Emerita of Applied Health Sciences; Former Dean of Science

BSc (UPEI); MSc (Alberta); PhD (Saskatchewan); RD

Dr. Debbie MacLellan, Past-Chair for the Dietitians of Canada, led a research program that worked to understand factors influencing nutrition knowledge and eating behaviours in adolescents and adults. She also conducted research in the area of professional standards and dietetic education.

Recent Publications

Effect of nutrition education and dairy group membership on nutrition knowledge, practices and diet quality for rural Kenyan farm women

African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 2017

An evidence-based approach to developing the collaborative, client-centred nutrition education (3cne) framework and practice points

Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, 2016

On beginning to become dietitians

Journal of Critical Dietetics, 2014

Dietetic students' understanding of what becoming a dietitian means

Canadian Journal Of Dietetic Practice And Research, 2013

New dietetic practitioners' perspectives on their education and training

Canadian Journal Of Dietetic Practice And Research: A Publication Of Dietitians Of Canada / Revue Canadienne De La Pratique Et De La Recherche En Diététique: Une Publication Des Diététistes Du Canada, 2012

Research Classification

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