Associate Professor

BA (Texas State); PhD (Tennessee)

Dr. Arfken's primary research interests are at the intersection of critical social theory and phenomenology. He is particularly interested in understanding how hermeneutic phenomenology and critical social theory challenge social psychological conceptualizations of social reality. In his research and teaching, he focuses on a wide range of topics including environmentalism, gender, economics, globalization, cultural diversity, qualitative research methods, social justice, and cognitive science.

Recent Publications

From resisting neoliberalism to neoliberalizing resistance

Theory & Psychology, 2018

Marxism as a foundation for critical social psychology

The Palgrave handbook of critical social psychology, 2017

Socialism or psychology: Society at the crossroads

Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 2016

Cognitive psychology

Handbook of critical psychology, 2015


Encyclopedia of critical psychology, 2014

Research Classification

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