BA (Catholic University of America); PhD (Toronto)

Dr. Koritansky was born in Chardon, Ohio, where most of his family members still reside. After attending the Catholic University of America (in Washington DC) as an undergraduate, he went on to the University of Toronto in 1996 to pursue a PhD in Philosophy. In December of 2001, he defended his doctoral thesis entitled "The Question of Punishment and the Contemporary Relevance of Thomas Aquinas". He taught at Malone College and Walsh University before coming to UPEI.

Recent Publications

[Review of the book Politics for a pilgrim church: A Thomistic theory of civic virtue, by Thomas J. Bushlack]

Theology, 2017

Human nature, contemplation

Catholic University of America Press, 2014

Introduction: Recovering Maritain’s personalism amidst the challenge of modernity

Human nature, contemplation and the political order: Essays inspired by Jacques Maritain’s scholasticism and politics, 2014

Thomas Aquinas and the philosophy of punishment

Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, c2012, 2012

Natural inclination as the basis for natural law

Reading the cosmos: Nature, science, and wisdom, 2012

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