Associate Professor

BA (Memphis); MA, PhD (York)

Main research interests include historical, theoretical, and philosophical issues in psychology. Recent research has been in the area of critical history and historiography of psychological theory and practice, including a genealogical approach to the measurement of the self and self-esteem. Other interests involve qualitative research methods, especially phenomenological and narrative approaches, psychobiography, depth psychology, and human motivation and emotion.

Recent Publications

The history specialist in psychology: From avocation to professionalization.

History of Psychology, 2016

The last modern psychologist

Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics, 2016

Does the future have a history of psychology?

History of Psychology, 2014

That day on river valley and the discovery of presence

Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 2010

A knowing noos and a slippery psyche

Reflections on the dawn of consciousness, 2006

Research Classification

  • no classification
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