Associate Professor

BSc, MSc (Dhaka); MSc, PhD (Concordia)

Dr. Islam’s main area of research is Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems and their applications in Finance and Biology. He investigates the long-term behavior of trajectories of dynamical systems for real-life phenomena arising in the natural sciences. In particular, he is interested in the theory of absolutely continuous invariant measures for random dynamical systems and deterministic dynamical systems. Dr. Islam is also interested in applying theory of dynamical systems in finance and actuarial science. He is an active researcher in his area of research and also an active member of the Atlantic Collaborative Research Group : Fractals, Invariant Measures and Applications.

Recent Publications

An alternative elementary method for approximation of invariant measures for random maps

Neural, Parallel, and Scientific Computations, 2018

A piecewise quadratic maximum entropy method for invariant measures of position dependent random maps

Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems Series A: Mathematical Analysis, 2017

Stochastic perturbations and Ulam's method for position dependent random maps satisfying the stronger Lasota-Yorke inequality

DCDIS Series A: Mathematical Analysis, 2016

The prediction of cardiovascular disorders by fuzzy difference equations

Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), 24-29 July 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2016

Uncertain Hermite-Hadamard inequality for functions with (s,m)-Godunova-Levin derivatives via fractional integral

Journal of Nonlinear Science and Applications, 2016

Research Classification

  • No classification given

Research Interests

  • Ergodic theory and Dynamical systems
  • Random dynamical systems
  • Absolutely continuous invariant measures
  • Application of dynamical systems
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