Associate Professor

BSc, MSc, PhD (Calgary)

My research currently focuses on curiosity and inquiry and the relationship between risk and trust in learning environments. I am particularly interested in understanding how curiosity and inquiry can help promote investment and ownership of learning and more meaningful engagement in both the classroom and in our day to day interactions with others. I am also exploring the "biliterate brain" and developing ways to improve learners' understanding of non-fiction textual material presented on paper and screen and their ability to engage in writing and discussion when learning. I bring the best of both quantitative and qualitative inquiry to my research by using mixed methodology approaches wherever possible.

Recent Publications

Mining for gold and finding only nuggets

Teachers and Teaching, 2021

Inquiry-based learning in higher education

Journal of Education and Training Studies, 2020

"The Curiosity Project”: Re-igniting the desire to inquire through intrinsically motivated learning and mentorship

Journal of Transformative Learning, 2017

Leadership’s effects on employee well-being

Workplace Review, 2016

Speed bumps or road blocks? Students’ perceptions of barriers to learning and developing academic resilience

Proceedings of the 2016 Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase, Saint John. NB, October 15th, 2016

Research Classification

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Research Interests

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