BA, MA (Toronto)

Born in Toronto in 1927, John Smith took degrees in Mathematics and Physics and in English Literature at the University of Toronto. Formerly Dean of Arts, and for 25 years a professor of English at the University of Prince Edward Island prior to retirement in 1992, he is currently Professor Emeritus, and lives in Charlottetown. He was appointed by the Legislative Assembly to a two-year term, 2003-2004, as Prince Edward Island’s first Poet Laureate. Seven collections of his poetry have been published, most recently Maps of Invariance, in 2005, and Fireflies in the Magnolia Grove, by Acorn Press, in 2004.

Recent Publications

The International Parenting Survey-Canada

Canadian Psychology, 2014

Beyond 'reach'

International Journal of Health Promotion & Education, 2009

John Smith

, 2006

Frank Ledwell

, 2006

Maps of invariance

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2005

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