Assistant Professor

BA, MA (Trinity Western); PhD (UBC)

Recent Publications

Deterritorializing and decolonizing shame in the culture of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) in Japan [Under review]

The Meaning of Shame in Cultures of the 4IR, 2020

Application of co-constructive responsibility model [In press]

DV Kagaishiya rinsho manual [Domestic violence offenders intervention manual], 2020

DV kagaishiya rinsho: Risk assessment [Domestic violence offenders intervention approach: Risk assessment] [In press]

DV Kagaishiya rinsho manual[Domestic violence offenders intervention manual], 2020

Kaigai ni okeru stouking taisaku: Kanada. [Approaches to dealing with stalking issue: Canada]

Stouking no genjyo to taisaku [Current issues and intervention strategies in stalking], 2019

Semarikuru kiki wo hyoka suru: Risk assessment. [Domestic violence risk assessment procedure].

Jistusen: Adikushion apurochi [The Practical Approaches to Addiction], 2019

Research Classification

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