Welcome to IslandScholar!

IslandScholar (IS) is the institutional database for scholarly publications by the UPEI community. It is a project of the UPEI Robertson Library and supports the goals of the University's Research Strategic Plan and the UPEI Open Access policy.

Institutional Repository

As an institutional repository, IslandScholar contains depository copies of theses produced at UPEI, as well as capstone projects by graduate and undergraduate students. It is a place for researchers to deposit copies of their publications, which can be made available to the public according to licensing agreements,  We encourage researchers to deposit whatever version is allowed by the publication agreement (i.e., pre-print, post-print, publisher's PDF, etc) as soon as they publish, and we can put a time-limiting embargo to public access if that is required. A pre-print is the author's manuscript pre-refereeing. A post-print is the final manuscript post-refereeing before the published PDF. To deposit, e-mail publications @ upei dot ca.

Scholar Profiles

In addition to works produced at UPEI, IslandScholar also records the scholarly research produced by our faculty members, and offers each member of the faculty a profile page. There are two options for updating your profile: 1)Log into your profile with your UPEI credentials. On your profile page, use the tabs (Edit Profile, +Add Scholarly Works, +Deposit Full Text) to submit changes to your profile, or 2) email publications @ upei dot ca.

Manage Your Scholar Profile (including citations and full-text)

There are two methods of updating your profile.

1. Login to your IslandScholar profile at URL using your UPEI credentials. Use the Edit Profile, +Add Scholarly Works, or +Deposit Full Text buttons to submit your changes.

2. Email a list of your changes to publications @ upei dot ca.

Note: All submissions are then processed by Library staff and it may be 2-4 days before the changes are reflected on IslandScholar.


Do you need to update your pofile on the UPEI website? Email web@upei.ca.

For questions about IslandScholar, contact Kim Mears – 902-566-0453 or kmears@upei.ca.