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UPEI has joined ORCID as a member organization through the ORCID-Canada Consortium. Our membership allows the library to access information and technical features that support integration in existing systems at UPEI. 

ORCID acts as a hub: the ORCID identifier connects researchers with their works, organizations, and their other person identifiers; ORCID Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable data exchange between research information systems. The ORCID community includes individual researchers, universities, national laboratories, commercial research organizations, research funders, publishers, national science agencies, data repositories, and international professional societies, all of whom have been critically affected by the lack of a central registry for researchers. 

The Robertson Library's first ORCID integration is IslandScholar. Scholars can connect their ORCID with their IslandScholar faculty profile, which allows it be displayed as part of your scholar information. 


What is ORCID?

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is both a standard and a service to help researchers establish and maintain their scholarly identity. ORCID aims to prevent name confusion in the authorship of scholarly works by assigning users a unique and persistent identifier upon registration. The iD is a randomly-assigned, sixteen-digit number that is integrated into many submission systems, such as manuscript and grant submission workflows.

ORCID can also serve as a bibliography of your scholarly works. Linking publications to your ORCID record is easy through their Search & Link feature. Works can be imported from Crossref, Scopus, DataCite, the MLA International Bibliography, and more. 

How does the Robertson Library support ORCID?

The Robertson Library, as an ORCID member organization, has begun to add ORCID iDs to faculty profiles in IslandScholar. 

How do I register for an ORCID?

Visit the ORCID registration page at https://orcid.org/register. Registration requires your name, an email address, and a password.

I have two ORCIDs--how can I merge them into one account?

In order to merge your accounts, start by logging into the in the primary account/iD you want to keep, go to Account settings, and select Remove duplicate record. For more information on this process visit https://support.orcid.org/knowledgebase/articles/580410-removing-your-additional-or-duplicate-orcid-id If

Can I assign a delegate to manage my profile for me?

Yes, you can give individuals access to your account as a "Trusted Individual." This feature is located in Account Settings> Trusted Individuals. 

Can someone at the Robertson Library help me with ORCID?

Yes, please contact Kim Mears. Health Sciences and Scholarly Communications Librarian, at kmears@upei.ca or 902-566-0453.