Simulation of control scenarios of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in Nghe An Province in Vietnamkthakur
To pool or not to pool? Guidelines for pooling samples for use in surveillance testing of infectious diseases in aquatic animalskthakur
Seroprevalence of leptospirosis and Japanese encephalitis in swine in ten provinces of Vietnamkthakur
Comparison of infectious agents detected from hatchery and wild juvenile Coho salmon in British Columbia, 2008-2018kthakur
A stochastic network-based model to simulate farm-level transmission of African swine fever virus in Vietnamkthakur
Importance of sample size for estimating pathogen prevalencekthakur
Seroprevalence of Japanese encephalitis virus and risk factors associated with seropositivity in pigs in four mountain districts in Nepal*kthakur
Risk factors associated with soft-shelled lobsters ( Homarus americanus ) in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada kthakur
Microbiome profiling reveals a microbial dysbiosis during a natural outbreak of tenacibaculosis (Yellow Mouth) in Atlantic salmonkthakur
A stochastic simulation model of African swine fever transmission in domestic pig farms in the Red River Delta region in Vietnamkthakur
Prevalence and phylogenetic analysis of hepatitis E virus in pigs in Vietnamkthakur
Comparing the effectiveness of traditional and alternative baits in Prince Edward Island, Canada Lobster Fisherykthakur
A Bayesian risk analysis model for contamination of trucks used in the shipment of pigs with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viruskthakur
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