Effect of moving dairy cows at different stages of labor on behavior during parturitionkproudfoot
Effects of acute lying and sleep deprivation on the behavior of lactating dairy cowskproudfoot
Maternity pen design and management from the cow's perspectivekproudfoot
Trends in animal welfare researchkproudfoot
Social environment and individual differences in feeding behavior are associated with risk of endometritis in Dairy Cowskproudfoot
Calving location preference and changes in lying and exploratory behavior of preparturient dairy cattle with access to pasturekproudfoot
Health and growth of veal calves provided a fatty acid supplement and a dry teatkproudfoot
Designing the group maternity penkproudfoot
Bovine parainfluenza-3 antibodies in veal calves supplemented with cinnamaldehyde or lactoferrinkproudfoot
Design and management of group maternity areas for dairy cowskproudfoot
Symposium review: Considerations for the future of dairy cattle housingkproudfoot
Determination of dairy cattle euthanasia criteria and analysis of barriers to humane euthanasia in the United States kproudfoot
Automated feeding behaviors associated with subclinical respiratory disease in preweaned dairy calveskproudfoot
Evaluation of companion animal behavior knowledge among first-year veterinary students before and after an introductory animal behavior coursekproudfoot
Symposium review: Considerations for the future of dairy cattle housingkproudfoot
Welfare of the dairy cow around the time of calvingkproudfoot
Linking the social environment to illness in farm animalskproudfoot
Behavior during transition differs for cows diagnosed with claw horn lesions in mid lactationkproudfoot
Short communication: Metritis affects milk production and cull rate of Holstein multiparous and primiparous dairy cows differentlykproudfoot
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