Professor Emeritus of Health Management

DVM, PhD (Guelph); FCAHS

Dr. Dohoo studied veterinary medicine at Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, graduating in 1976 with his doctor of veterinary medicine degree and in 1982 with his PhD. He joined the faculty of the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1985, the year before the College accepted its first class of students. After an illustrious career at AVC, he retired in August of 2012.

Research Classification

  • no classification

Research Interests

  • Research methods
  • Overall research interest is the application of epidemiologic techniques to a wide range of animal health problems
  • Analytical methods (particularly multilevel modelling, survival analysis and causal inference)
  • Epidemiology
  • Specific areas of activity include: dairy production diseases (in collaboration with SLU, Uppsala, Sweden), effects of aquaculture on sea lice on wild salmonids (in conjunction with Uni Research, Bergen, Norway), livestock health and food security (in collaboration with ILRI, Nairobi, Kenya)
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