BA, MA, PhD (University of Western Ontario)

Assistant Professor, History

Gregg French teaches courses on American history, American foreign relations, Latin American history, and imperial history. His current book project examines the inter-imperial relationships that developed between representatives of the U.S. and Spanish empires throughout the long nineteenth century, and how these relationships influenced the construction of the U.S. colonial empire in North America, the Caribbean Basin, and the Philippines.

Recent Publications

Domestic stability and imperial continuities

Reconstruction and empire, 2021

The writings of U.S. Hispanists and America’s road to empire

Separate worlds?: Spain, the United States and Transatlantic literary culture throughout the Nineteenth century, 2021

U.S. imperial ambitions and the war of 1898

The Routledge History of U.S. Foreign Relations, 2021

Spain and the birth of the American republic

Spain and the American Revolution: new approaches and perspectives, 2020

Review of Munro, John, The anticolonial front

, 2019

Research Classification

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