Associate Professor

BA, MA (Windsor); PhD (McMaster)

Recent Publications

The state

The philosophy of law, 1999

Feminist criticisms of Habermas's ethics and politics

Dialogue, 1995

Bernstein, McCarthy, and the evolution of critical theory

Philosophy and Social Criticism, 1993

Habermas, values, and the rational, internal structure of communication

Journal of Value Inquiry, 1993

Social criticism after Rawls

Philosophy and Social Criticism, 1992

Research Classification

  • no classification

Research Interests

  • Anarchism Life beyond the nation-state system
  • Anti-government philosophies
  • William Godwin
  • Peter Kropotkin
  • Leo Tolstoy
  • Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
  • Emma Goldman
  • Michael Bakunin
  • Ethical theory
  • Theories of justice
  • Anarchism
  • Life beyond the nation-state system
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